Win Awards for Your Landscaping Company

Awards give you an edge over your competition. They provide a well-deserved pat on the back to the employees who work so hard. They congratulate property owners on their creative ideas and YOU for bringing them to life.

Hey, it’s okay to want awards. Winning feels good!

So how do you find competitions to enter? How do you get nominations? And most importantly, how do you outdo the competition?

In today’s article, we share a few ways to get ahead and WIN!

Aspire IGNITE Conference

If you’re ready to win with the software you already have, then you MUST attend Aspire’s highly-anticipated annual conference, IGNITE, on July 20-22, 2022!

We’re excited to gather in person with customers, partners, and industry leaders in San Antonio, Texas for three days jam-packed with educational sessions and networking opportunities you’ll actually enjoy.

LandOne will be there and participating in:

  • Workshops and panel discussions
  • Educational sessions
  • Networking events (stay tuned to hear what we’ve got planned!)

Registration costs just $895 and includes everything on the schedule.

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How to Win Awards for Your Landscaping Company

You know you do great work. Your customers know you do great work. So why isn’t your shelf weighted down by engraved gold trophies and awards shaped like embossed glass shark fins?

In landscaping, as with most industries, awards don’t chase you down, you have to be proactive. To go out and get them. That’s how the Grammys work. The Oscars too. If you want one, you’re going to have to do a bit of campaigning.

Luckily, there are TONS of local and national landscaping awards you can apply for, and competitions you can enter that play to your strengths. And awards you win come with benefits that go beyond the hardware.

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Enter NALP’s Awards of Excellence

The National Association of Landscape Professionals’ Awards of Excellence recognize outstanding projects in commercial and residential lawn care and landscape contracting, management and design. Projects range in size and scope from less than $25K to more than $1M.

Have one or more residential or commercial projects that are award-worthy? Pick your best projects and enter! Be sure to review the criteria for each category before beginning your submission.

The July 11th submission deadline is quickly approaching, so enter today!

Click Here To Read Rules and Enter

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