The Landscape and Lawn Care Industry Podcasts You Need to be Listening to in 2021

Lawncare and Landscaping Podcasts 2021

Over the past ten years, podcasts have exploded in popularity. Entertaining, informative, and free to listen to, they offer hours of inspiration, whatever your interest. What’s more, they are easy to stream and can be listened to almost anywhere – in the truck, at the gym, or even in the shower. 


For landscapers, podcasts offer a treasure trove of expert content to help you discover new topics, stay abreast of industry trends, and gain a more rounded perspective on the green industry. In today’s fast-paced world, podcasts ensure sure you don’t miss a beat.


So whether you’re a podcast aficionado or totally new to the scene, these are our favorite landscape and lawncare podcasts of 2021. 


Landscape Disruptors


A fun, light-hearted take on the business of landscaping, the Landscape Disruptors podcast showcases industry forerunners and “celebrates the messiness of running a landscape business”. Listeners can expect advice on sales, marketing, equipment, and how to build a more profitable landscape company.

Why we like it: It’s humorous and informative with advice that translates to the real world. 

Our favorite episode: Interview with Joshua Martin, founder of LandOne


Growing in the Green Industry


A weekly podcast that looks at what it takes to have a successful career in the landscaping industry, as told by real young professionals. 


Why we like it: Produced by the NALP Young Professionals Network, Growing in the Green Industry has a fresh, contemporary take on the future of landscaping. 


Our favorite episode: Why Focusing on Relationships is Critical for Success with Jason Becker


The Commercial Landscaper


Dave Anderson and Robert Clinkenbeard talk to inspiring entrepreneurs from across the landscaping industry, with the mission of “empowering their listeners to take massive action” as up-and-coming business leaders.


Why we like it: The Commercial Landscaper succeeds in its goal of being genuinely relatable and cuts through the isolation of running your own business.  


Our favorite episode: Interview with Kevin Kehoe, Founder of Aspire Softwar‪e


Million Dollar Landscaper Podcast

The Million Dollar Landscaper podcast focuses on the practical side of running a landscaping business. From insurance options to calculating average wages, this business-focused show is packed full of helpful ideas. 


Why we like it: Every episode of this show is full of advice and tips that you will actually be able to apply to your real-life business. 


Our favorite episode: What you need to know about Google Ads for Landscapers

Million Dollar Landscaper Podcast


Service Business Mastery Podcast


With tips on leadership, marketing, finance, and HR, Service Business Mastery is a podcast made by business leaders, for business leaders. 


Why we like it: With a huge back catalog of episodes and hosts with real-life experience of running a business, there’s a tonne of useful content to discover with this one. 


Our favorite episode: How To Navigate The Skilled Trades As A Female w Danielle Putnam




Landscaping influencer Keith Kalfas shares tips about life, small business, health, wealth, finance, and relationships, and interviews business leaders across the green industries. 


Why we like it: Keith takes a no-excuses approach to life which is contagious in all the right ways. 


Our favorite episode: How to crush it  in lawn care, with Brian’s Lawn Maintenance


Fullerton Unfiltered


The official podcast for Youtube’s ‘Brian’s Lawn Maintenance’, Fullerton Unfiltered gets into the nitty-gritty of running a successful landscaping business, with interviews, advice, and plenty of relatable humor along the way. 


Why we like it: Fullerton Unfiltered doesn’t take itself too seriously but is still packed full of helpful advice and practical business tips. 


Our favorite episode: Two Powerful Tools To Streamline Your Business & Grow Revenue BEFORE You Even Leave The House

Fullerton Unfiltered Podcast

The Landscape Architect 


The Landscape Architect podcast takes a deep dive into the biggest issues of our time from the perspective of landscape architecture. Covering everything from the environmental impact of landscaping to the socio-economic spaces we work in, host Michael Toderan aims to discuss the things that matter. 


Why we like it: Well researched and featuring tonnes of interesting guests, the focus of each conversation may be broad or narrow but is always stimulating.


Our favorite episode: David Lee and Marina Bourderonnet


Steel Toe University Podcast


A podcast rooted in the everyday business of being a landscaper, the Steel Toe University podcast discusses topics like obese workforces, franchising, and diversity. 


Why we like it: This super-relatable podcast deals with hard-to-navigate subjects head-on, and never feels preachy or crass.


Our favorite episode: Chad Barrett – Succeeding Despite Disabilities


The Ryan Knorr Podcast

Musician turned Lawn Care Nut turned Youtuber Ryan Knorr talks to a variety of guests from the landscaping community, with a particular focus on all things turf. 


Why we like it: Ryan is great fun to listen to and always has entertaining, knowledgeable guests. 


Our favorite episode: TurfCast Ep 11 // Are Products The Answer To A Better Lawn?

Ryan Knorr Podcast

Lawn and Landscape Podcast


Produced by the popular magazine, the Lawn and Landscape podcast covers a huge range of topics relating to the landscape and lawn industry. Featuring special guests, technical advice, and expert recommendations, this is a well-rounded podcast for those interested in the green industries. 


Why we like it: With great guests and well-produced audio, this is an easy-listen podcast with tons of practical information. 


Our favorite episode: Glyphosates: Friends or foes?

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