NEW! Templates Make Project Setup a Breeze

Tired of tediously adding in materials one by one for each project? Now you can eliminate that pain with our new templates feature!


Follow this step-by-step to create your first template that can be used project after project. Save your most popular lists and their associations to add them to any project material list instantly.

Save List as Template

To save your first list as a template, simply enter any project summary view and click the “Save List as Template” button.

Name Your Template

The “Create a Template” modal will open where you can review the material in the template and name it in order to save it. A template must have a name to save. You can also delete anything out of the template list here that you do not wish to be saved in the list.

Save Template

Once you are happy with the name and list, simply click “Save Template” to save the list for future reuse. A successful save banner will appear at the top of your screen.

Use the Template

Now that your template is saved, it’s ready for use on other projects and sections. Click the “Add Materials” button and then choose “Use Template”.

Select and Apply Desired Template

The Templates modal will appear now for you to choose your new template so that you can add it to your Material List. Simply select the desired template, and then select “Apply Template”. All the materials and any associations they have saved will instantly be added to your list.


Note that you can add multiple templates to any list, so have fun creating the groups of materials you need to make your workflows super efficient!


Even More Great Updates On The Way!

There are even more great things to come with this feature and many others this year. We are busy planning some admin features which will allow you to manage all your materials and templates with features such as editing and deleting. But we couldn’t wait any longer to get this functionality to you!


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