2 Reasons You Shouldn’t Invest in a Landscape Project Management Software 


There, we said it. Here’s what you should think about before investing in a landscape project management software. 

Look, we get it: a landscape project management software isn’t for everyone. As trained landscape professionals ourselves, we understand what the most common needs, desires, and fears are. But that doesn’t mean they apply to everyone.

However, as with any business investment, you have to reflect on what you’re looking for, how you can get there, and what the outcomes are that you expect. 

In this blog post, we’ll walk you through 2 reasons you should NOT (a bit counterintuitive, right?) get started with a landscape project management software… unless you’re ready. 

What does “ready” mean? That’s why you’re here. 

Already set to boost your landscaping business progress? Let’s skip the chatter. Get the free 14-day trial to see LandOne Takeoff in action. Warning: you might just want to stick around after that. Just saying. Here’s your trial. 

Don’t invest in a powerful landscape project management software if you…

Don’t want to use technology to your advantage

Hey, this is not a bad thing – some of us just want to keep things ultra-simple and not get tangled in “new technology”. If you like to do things the old way – for example, manage projects with pen and paper – more power to you! We love going back to the basics once in a while. 

However, keeping up with technology is no longer a matter of preference. It’s a matter of working smarter and more effectively to stay competitive in your market. 

The truth is… customer requirements are ever-changing. YOUR requirements as the user of a landscape project management software are ever-changing, as well. Both of those are amazing things – it means we can evolve together to deliver the best services and products easier and faster. How? Using technology to our advantage. 

So, if you’re uncomfortable using the cloud to keep your project stuff safe in one place, or you don’t want to work smarter and make your life easier with an intuitive, easy-to-use app, you probably shouldn’t think about investing in this type of technology. 

You don’t know if and how it’ll actually help you 

This is very common. And we understand it. 

If you’re used to doing things in a certain way (and it’s been working for you so far), pivoting to a different way feels a bit weird. All these apps have a lot of tools, but are they the right fit for you? Will they actually help you in the way YOU want? 

Well, we have to be honest: there could be some trial and error involved. And for those of us who’re not super fond of risks, that doesn’t sound very good. 

That’s one of the reasons that maybe you shouldn’t invest in a landscape project management software if you haven’t done some research. 

LandOne Takeoff was made by people FOR people. 

We do our best to create YouTube videos, write articles, provide resources, and offer a completely free (AND risk-free) trial for 14 days for you to get a grasp of what our app is all about. We’re not here to force anything, we’re just a bunch of passionate landscape professionals who created the app we needed when on the job. And we really think it’ll help you. 

If you decide to try out LandOne Takeoff, our free 14-day trial is the best start. Play around, see how easy it is to use, and contact us if you have any questions. 

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