What Your Landscape Design Process is Missing


Improve your landscape design process with easy-to-use offerings from LandOne

Landscaping professionals: time for real talk. We know that a critical step in the landscape design process is getting a comprehensive plan on paper. But what if it wasn’t actually on paper? What if, instead, you had a digital tool that allowed you to streamline and centralize your design process, including coming up with accurate estimates to support your bidding process? 

Developed by landscape designers and irrigation experts, LandOne’s software is designed to make life easier for you. We’ve been there — juggling the paperwork, the spreadsheets, and the drawings. We know first-hand what’s needed to save time and labor. With the right software, your life will be easier, your communication better, and your landscape design process smoother.

This isn’t just landscape design software; it’s so much more. You could even call it a game changer. Read on to learn more.

Can’t wait another minute to give it a whirl? We don’t blame you. Sign up for a free trial of LandOne Takeoff today for a more centralized, hassle-free design process. 

LandOne for your landscape design process

You know that software has many benefits. Digital landscape design is becoming industry standard, and your clients expect you to be technologically savvy. LandOne’s program is user-friendly, allowing you to easily create high-quality mock-ups with real visual impact.

With LandOne, you can:

  • Upload photos in moments or use built-in drone support for aerial imagery
  • Zone and measure your project with a simple click-and-drag interface
  • Count installs and make groups
  • Create professional, clear visuals for presentations and proposals
  • Markup photos onsite for clear team and client communication
  • Take advantage of LandOne’s strategic partnerships to enhance your work

Plus, stay organized with all your notes and photos in the cloud, so your project data can be accessed from any device, anywhere. This doesn’t just remove the hassle of moving between multiple programs or documents. It also means your work is safely stored where it won’t be misplaced. Less risk of lost information, miscommunication, or human error.

By streamlining your landscape design process and keeping all your work in one place, you’ll save yourself a lot of time and labor that could be better applied to finessing your design or enhancement project. 

Your clients will appreciate your efficiency and quick, clear communication with precise visuals to support your plans.

Comprehensive solutions

As industry experts with years of experience, we designed LandOne with you in mind. You don’t want to click between two different programs for design and takeoff any more than you want to weed through a stack of spreadsheets (and neither do we).

LandOne allows landscapers to bring the design and takeoff process together in one centralized location. Use it to create designs, make accurate materials lists, and calculate costs (including secondary costs), all in one easy session. 

LandOne Takeoff goes beyond landscape design software. We offer the solutions you didn’t know you were missing, for an easier, more organized, and accurate landscape design process.

Ready to take this multifunctional tool for a test drive? Get a free trial of LandOne Takeoff today!


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