LandOne’s New Pan Tool Improves Touch Screen Usability

As a green industry contractor, you love to be on the move. You’re frequently in your truck and spending more time in the great outdoors with clients.

At LandOne, we know how important it is for you to have technology at your fingertips at all times. That’s why our development team has been hard at work making your takeoff software more compatible with touch screen devices! 

The New Pan Tool

A change in panning is here that opens the door for many great features down the road with faster measuring and better user experiences when using LandOne Takeoff on touch devices. 

Here are a few of the immediate changes and gains you will notice:  

  • For desktop and laptop users, panning will now be done through either holding SPACE and dragging OR a right-click and drag. This allows for easier panning and eliminates the need to be in “blank space” in order to pan while in selection mode. 
  • A Pan Tool similar to what you are used to in other design applications will be located in the top toolbar. 
  • Touchscreen, tablet, and mobile users will have fully functional panning and zooming while in both selection mode and actively drawing.


Check out the video above to see the Pan Tool in action and login to give it a try.

More Great Things to Ahead

We are busy working to add some pretty awesome features over the coming weeks. We can hardly wait to show it all off! 

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