How to Create a Landscape Enhancement Design Takeoff

Landscape enhancement design is one of the most common requests landscape contractors receive. These projects are an essential part of our work as landscapers and deserve all the care and attention of a full-scale landscape renovation. 


LandOne Takeoff is an intuitive program that allows you to streamline every stage of the takeoff process, generating accurate material estimates at the click of a button. As well as automatically counting materials, our innovative software can assign markups, create detailed project maps, and even utilize drone photography to ensure total accuracy. 


In this article, we’ll take you through every stage of creating an enhancement design takeoff in LandOne, and share some helpful tips to make sure you get the most from the program. 


Watch the video here or read the step by step instructions below.



Preparing a Landscape Enhancement Design Takeoff


Begin by uploading a drone photo of the client’s property, and create your materials list in the bar on the left-hand side of the screen. Calibrate the scale to fit the photo. You can learn more about how to do this by checking out our step-by-step guide to creating takeoffs with LandOne.

Also note, if you don’t have a drone photo, you can use one of our built-in maps or a PDF design.


Creating an Enhancement Design with LandOne Takeoff


Once you have uploaded your photo, added your materials list, and calibrated your scale, you’re ready to start designing.


1. Insert your distance guides by clicking and dragging until they measure your desired length. Single-click to end the line. Your distance guides will remain on your design until you delete them at the end of your project, and are a useful tool for laying out the rest of your design.


2. Once your distance guides are in place you can start drawing your material areas. Select your desired material from your list and drag and click with your mouse to draw. If your design includes curves then you can switch on the curve tool to create your desired shape.

Tip: The number inside your drawn area will change to reflect the dimensions. You can choose to leave this in, or hide it when you download your takeoff pdf. 


3. To edit your shape, exit active drawing to enter selection mode. Select the shape on the canvas you wish to edit. A series of white and orange dots will appear on the outline of your shape. Click and drag them to reshape the area. This feature allows you to create a perfectly smooth curve or line, and adapt your design at any point. You can also set the program to automatically smooth out the edges of your shape.

Tip: If you want to check the square footage of a specific material you can find it under each material label on your materials list. As you add areas, LandOne will also automatically calculate any associated materials, like setting sand or paver base.



4. Next, insert single items like shrubs or flowers by selecting from the materials list and clicking to place them. 

Tip: To make your design easier to understand for your client, you can create color-coded labels for each plant. Your labels will automatically state the quantities of each material placed on your design. 


Finishing your Enhancement Design Takeoff with LandOne


Congratulations on creating your design takeoff with LandOne! To prepare your file ready for clients, try these finishing touches. 


☑️ Add your company logo to your design by selecting the image icon at the top of your screen, and selecting your desired image file. Then resize and place.

☑️ Insert a copy of your materials list onto your design by returning to the project summary view, and using the arrows to transfer your new quantities into your estimate column. 

☑️ When you’re satisfied with your estimate materials list, download your takeoff using the file icon at the top right hand of the screen.

☑️ Use your snip and sketch tool to capture your materials list, and save it to your project file. To insert this list onto your plan, return to the design view and use the image icon at the top of your screen to insert your list capture. Resize and place onto your design. 

☑️ When you’re satisfied with your design, download your annotated plans as a pdf, ready to share with your customer. 


Tip: LandOne Takeoff allows you to download your takeoff either with or without your quantity labels. Simply tick or untick the box when prompted. 

As you can see, generating an enhancement design with LandOne Takeoff software is quick and straightforward. It also produces some of the most professional results available on the market. To learn more about creating takeoffs with LandOne software, check out this step by step guide on creating a full landscape takeoff in Landone Takeoff. 


Start your Free Trial today to see firsthand how LandOne Takeoff can help transform your landscaping business.

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