Harness the Power of Landscape Takeoff Software

Ask anyone in the landscaping business what their least favorite word is. We guarantee their answer will be ‘estimate.’

As landscapers, estimates are the bane of our existence. A necessary but high-energy hurdle that must be crossed as we prove to customers we can handle their business. Estimates are time-consuming, they require sheaves of detailed drawings and a redwood forest’s worth of paper. There are measurements to make, client expectations to manage, and of course, awful, dreaded guesswork. All things that keep us from doing the thing we do best, which is, of course, creating incredible landscapes!

Any landscaper worth his or her weight in rolled sod will be able to tell you about a job they’ve been on where the estimate was wrong, rushed or missed something crucial. Ask again and they will tell you about angry clients who grow increasingly frustrated as the cost of their project climbs higher and higher above the result of an inaccurate guessing game.

It’s archaic. A system which relies on a simple technology that has changed little since the birth of our industry If you are like us, you find yourself asking often: isn’t there a better way?

After all, we live in the future, don’t we? We’ve managed fast food delivery and wheels on suitcases and we’ve put a human on the moon.

What is Landscape Takeoff Software?

Construction companies have been using software for their estimation process for years and if they can do it, surely landscapers can, right?

Landscape Takeoff Software is software which allows landscapers the ability to harness the power of drone and satellite imagery to quickly map out the size and sections of a project. Estimators can follow every zig and zag of an area with a tap of the finger or click of the mouse and designate which project code it falls under. Sod, mulch, pavers, you name it. Landscapers can measure complicated areas in a split second, and design a plan with lists of everything they will need for a project, while simultaneously calculating cost, time, and labor needed to complete it.

All in real-time.

This amazing program is designed to keep every piece of information in the same place and make every estimate quick, easy, and accurate. Every aspect of a project is streamlined and simplified, leading to incredible results incredibly fast.

Anyone else sensing a GAME CHANGER?

That might all sound amazing, but that’s only scratching the surface of all that Land One Takeoff can do for your landscaping business.

Bring Out the Bells and Whistles

Of course, before anyone reads this they should know this list provides only a fraction of what this powerful program can do, but let’s check out some of our favorite features, shall we?

Secondary Materials Cost

Paver projects don’t just use pavers, do they? No. There’s masonry sand, T-Base, polymeric sand. A whole list of standard products a landscaper needs to complete a paver project. With LandOne Takeoff, these secondary costs are set by a custom ratio and added to the estimate automatically. That means that adding those five-gallon plants also adds the cow manure, peat moss, and mycorrhiza along with it. Easy breezy.

Not only are material costs calculated, Land One Takeoff allows project leads to calculating labor hours too, using the same customizable ratios you used with the secondary materials.

Drone Compatibility

Google Earth not cutting it? That’s fine. This software is built to connect to a drone which landscapers can fly over the property, ensuring a perfect top-down view every time.

Immediate Pricing

Through LandOne’s partnership with Landscape Hub, all the prices quoted in the takeoff landscape software are entered and updated automatically.

Instant Scaling

Put away the protractor and scale baby, because this software does all your scaling for you. Using the LandOne image interface, you won’t have to sweat over the inches again.


Want to make a note about the location of a fire pit or a potential location for a new drainage system? No problem. This software makes it easy.

Cloud Storage

Forget about pens and paper. Forget about jump drives. Everything you do on LandOne Takeoff is stored right in the cloud, so anyone in the office is able to access it.

When Estimates Are Easy, Business Rolls In

Our software is designed to make every aspect of a landscape and irrigation project easier, from estimating to planning to project management. It is easy to use and lightning-fast, with every measurement and estimate happening in real-time.

Landscape companies who choose LandOne Takeoff are able to complete more estimates, which means more business, period.

Look, every job in the world has upsides and downsides. Things we like to do and things we don’t. For landscapers, it’s safe to say for most of us project estimates fall firmly in the ‘don’t’ column. LandOne Takeoff Software is designed to change that and make the hardest part of the job a breeze.

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