Four Brand New Features for LandOne Takeoff

Our team of developers has been hard at work again. We strive to improve LandOne every day whether it helps with landscape designs, infrastructure improvements, smarter takeoff tools, or your user experience.

We’re proud to bring you four brand new features this month to check out and start using!

Distance Guides Can Be Used for Area, Volume & Grouping

The same distance guide feature you know and love for placing objects and drawing lines is now available for areas, volumes, or object material groupings.


How to Activate: Check the Distance Guide box in the active material property’s panel or hit the “D” key on your keyboard while actively drawing.

Case Use Example: Use this feature when you need to quickly draw a home footprint and you only have the dimensions or easily layout hardscapes and patios to exact sizes.


Duplicate Feature Improved

Now you can quickly duplicate any material or image with one button.









How to Activate: Select the item or items you wish to duplicate and click “Duplicate” in the left selection property panel. You can also do this quickly with the keyboard shortcut: CTRL + D on a PC or CMD + D on a Mac.

Case Use Example: Quick duplication makes photo markups a breeze when you have multiple plants, images, or other materials.


New Angle Snapping Feature

That’s right. You can now quickly snap to 45, 90, or 180-degree angles when drawing lines or shapes.


How to Activate: Hold down the “Shift” key when drawing.

Case Use Example: Create perfectly accurate right angles as you takeoff areas or draw building footprints for designs.


New Pattern Selection Option

You have asked for it and we listened! Enjoy a great selection of patterns for your areas, volume, or object grouping materials.




How to Activate: Simply choose the pattern you want when adding or editing the details of a material.

Case Use Example: Clearly delineate your sod from your mulch and make those hardscape elements really pop.


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