LandOne Takeoff: Effective Landscape Bidding Software to Win the Project


Landscape professionals, this is for you—A landscape bidding software that makes the job easier than ever.

If you’re anything like we used to be as landscape experts, you find the process of bidding for jobs pretty dreadful. Up until 2018, our industry didn’t have an easy-to-use, intuitive, and robust solution to bid, design, and manage projects. That’s when we launched LandOne Takeoff to give the landscape industry the landscape bidding software we need and deserve.

There are multiple things that make LandOne the go-to option for bidding and designing projects, so we put together an article to walk you through some of the key features that will help you work smarter and easier.

If you’re ready to move right ahead and get your landscape bidding software to make the whole process way more efficient, start a free trial and see for yourself.

Here’s what you need to know about LandOne Takeoff

What is it and why did we create it?

The most important thing to know is that LandOne was developed by landscapers who have had years of hands-on experience with bidding and designing projects. So, we knew exactly what the landscape industry was lacking, and that was a smooth digital process to bid, design, and manage projects.

The solution? We put together our real-world experience and our passion for innovative technology, and we created a landscape bidding software that empowers you to do your best work.


We live in a fascinating era, where technology can do all the tedious tasks for you or give you what you need with just a few clicks. You can focus on work that truly matters and get meaningful results.

We believe that technology helps you be more efficient and profitable at work, which leads to healthier businesses and balanced lives.

Key features that make it the best landscape bidding software

Simple and Accurate Takeoff

We created LandOne to streamline every step of the bidding process, making it easier for you to figure out estimates from an uploaded PDF design or aerial image.

Perform Takeoffs on a computer or tablet and save your work to the cloud. Zone and measure your project, count installs, and make groups. Export an accurate materials list instantly.

LandOne Takeoff removes the guesswork and gives you accurate estimates on the spot.

If you’d like to see a demonstration of how to do a landscape construction takeoff, check out this video, where we do a quick walk-through of the process.

Continuous Improvement

Our team of developers is always working hard to improve LandOne Takeoff – whether that’s solving problems or adding functionalities, we’re constantly making sure that your experience is smooth and satisfying. We make changes based on the real feedback from you, the user.


Time is precious, therefore, you want to close the deal as fast as possible to get to work.

Whether you want to use our integrated satellite imagery or upload your own drone photos, LandOne Takeoff gives you all the tools you need to present an impressive project to your customers. Simply choose your materials from our pre-populated material inventory and take advantage of our integration with LandscapeHub that enables you to see up-to-date pricing.

Our dream was to give landscapers the intuitive, cloud-based, and easy-to-use landscape bidding software they actually want. And we did exactly that for our users.

Don’t settle for anything less. You have some projects to win!

Let technology make your life easier. Get a free trial to see LandOne Takeoff in action. You can play around for 14 days and get a taste of the amazing opportunities that arise once you use this effective software.

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