Customer Story: Persica Landscape Nursery Company

How LandOne Takeoff enabled a Florida Landscaping company to slash estimate times, eradicate errors, and streamline its bidding process. 


If you find yourself in an attractive outdoor space in Tallahassee, Florida, the team at Persica Landscape Nursery Co. probably had something to do with it. Founded in 1991, the company began life as a lawn care business, growing quickly into a full service, integrated landscaping company. 


As the business grew so did the clients, bringing fresh opportunities and fresh challenges for the team at Persica. Large-scale commercial projects now represent the bulk of the company’s work, averaging around $50k per job, and encompassing everything from hardscape design to irrigation to drainage solutions.

A Tool to Slash Takeoff Times


Prior to adopting LandOne Takeoff Software, designers measured sites by hand. According to owner Reza Karimipour, this process was not only laborious and time-consuming but also inaccurate. Areas were being mismeasured, or worse, missed entirely, causing delays and re-work. The average takeoff took a full day to complete, cutting into valuable design time. Understandably, Reza was frustrated.


We met Reza at a landscape show in 2019, and he told us that his vision was to cut the time between receiving a bid request and the final proposition so the team could spend more time on work that was actually profitable. At one point the company had considered purchasing a digitizer but had been put off by the time and cost investment this kind of technology would require. We suggested another idea… 

Persica and LandOne: A Dream Combination


Since introducing LandOne Takeoff Software, Reza said the team has slashed estimating times by a whopping 75%.



What used to take a full day can now be completed in a couple of hours, way beyond what anyone at Persica had expected. What’s more, human errors have been eliminated, helping the team stay on target, and avoid surprises later. 


One of Reza’s favorite aspects of the software has been that it allows him to estimate mulch and soft material quantities – numbers he said are lacking in nearly all of the RFPs that he receives.



Because LandOne Takeoff allows the estimator to upload these counts into the proposal using the correct format, it eliminates the need for time-consuming manual entries. In just a few clicks users can export material lists to excel, word, or preferred ERP, with options to create adjacent lists for secondary materials. 


According to Reza, the most surprising part about the switchover was the team’s reaction. He said: “A lot of landscapers are scared to jump into new technology, but this software is actually simple. Our estimator Jason wasn’t used to this type of program, yet by the end of his first day using it, he was pretty much an expert. It’s not complicated and for the small price we’re paying we get so much out of it.”


See how LandOne can help your business slash estimating times by starting your free 14-day trial! 

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