Customer Story: Coastal Irrigation

Coastal Irrigation

How LandOne helped a Florida irrigation specialist blow the competition out of the water. 


Coastal Irrigation & Plumbing is a triple threat company offering lawn and pest control, irrigation and plumbing, and outdoor lighting in the Southwest Florida area. Founded in 2001 as a sprinkler repair and installation company, the family-owned business has since expanded both its reach and its services, offering all-inclusive outdoor solutions to homeowners, small businesses, and large community developments.


With this broadening of services came an inevitable increase in competition, and the owners at Coastal Irrigation found themselves seeking new ways to stand out from the crowd. They knew that if they were to continue thriving, they needed to find an innovative way to showcase their work, without blowing out their bottom line. 


LandOne Takeoff had just the solution. 


A Cut Above the Rest


Before they adopted LandOne Takeoff Software, the team at Coastal Irrigation relied on screenshots, written notes, and hand-drawn maps to sell their bids. 


Co-Owner Chad Schulte pointed out that this method was not only time-consuming but also failed to convey the high-quality products and services offered by the company. Although they were confident in the standard of their work, they were struggling to communicate this to potential clients. They knew they had to make an impact from the get-go if they wanted to stand out in such a fiercely-competitive market. 


Three years ago, Chad discovered the HD aerial photography features for LandOne Takeoff and decided to give it a go. The impact was immediate. 


Coastal Irrigation now uses LandOne Takeoff software across its three divisions, allowing the team to measure turf square footage for pest control systems, create detailed sprinkler layouts, and present eye-catching bids to potential clients. 


Chad said: “Everything we do looks more professional now. Rather than presenting hand-drawn maps, our customers can actually see their house in the plans, along with diagrams explaining exactly what will go where. We’re finding that we are even winning jobs that we’re competing for on a low level because nobody else has the quality of map that we’re able to produce.”


Features as Diverse as Your Business


Being a multi-division business, Coastal Irrigation needed software that could meet all of its needs. With its diverse range of tools and features, LandOne Takeoff Software has streamlined Coastal Irrigation’s planning process, allowing the team to use one program across all three of its divisions. 


Pest control 

Coastal Irrigation’s pest control brand, Coastal Lawn & Pest, has made good use of LandOne’s aerial photography features to measure square footage and automatically generate quantity estimates. Unlike other companies, LandOne doesn’t cap square footage, so it can be used to estimate even large-scale projects. 



The irrigation department uses LandOne’s streamlined design tools to measure mainlines and create detailed, attractive sprinkler layouts ahead of installs. 


Using the Distance Guide Tool, CIP can place pipes, heads, and valves with pinpoint accuracy. They have also made use of the segmentation tools to split the area into zones and add notes for controllers and backflows.


This has been an invaluable tool for managing irrigation services across commercial and residential properties and has helped to streamline maintenance jobs. The software’s built-in guides and tools make it easy for the team to make the most of all the features available. 




Since making the switch to LandOne Takeoff, the Coastal Irrigation team has been able to create detailed, professional-looking diagrams that help share their vision with customers. With icons for uplights, path lights, and custom labeling options, the software has transformed how Coastal Irrigation can measure designs and present plans to customers and installers alike. 


Team Work Makes the Dream Work


After just two jobs, Chad said the Coastal Irrigation team had the software down. As well as management, the company’s office admins have been using the program to calculate turf square-footage for phone-in clients. One admin assistant has even been using LandOne Takeoff to create controller maps for the rest of the company to use as a resource, thanks to the software’s cloud-based storage system. 


Chad said: “People think it must take us a long time to create these diagrams, but the fact is it only takes around five minutes work to produce a job-winning map. Just being able to add photos and aerial views makes it an easy swing point. It’s not rocket science.”


See how LandOne can help your business beat the competition by starting your free 14-day trial! 

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