Celebrating our One Year Anniversary since Partnering with LandscapeHub!

In 2017, LandOne founder Joshua Martin realized existing landscape takeoff software was inadequate. He wanted more features, a simpler interface, and better estimating tools. He wanted to be able to plan the intricacies of a complicated project and he wanted something simple to show homeowners. When he couldn’t find it, he went ahead and built it himself.


Despite the fact that his software was the best on the market for helping landscapers build their takeoffs, something was missing. 


That’s when Joshua reached out to the team at LandscapeHub. LandscapeHub is a household name in the green industry, a B2B supplier that works with landscapers as well as suppliers in order to deliver the materials landscapers need at the best price.


He’d been using LandscapeHub, of course, but he wanted to offer the same freedom to his customers as well, so last year, he designed an integration that included all the killer features of LandscapeHub into the design of LandOne Takeoff.


This month, our partnership is a year old, and we’d like to take a moment to appreciate the value our partners have given our customers by integrating with LandOne Takeoff and creating the best, most powerful takeoff software on the market.

LandscapeHub’s Journey

Lisa Fiore and Chad Cooper founded LandscapeHub to improve the efficiency of a landscape supplier and nursery in the midwest, but it’s come a long way from those humble beginnings. Lisa and Chad quickly realized how fragmented the national market was for green industry products, with wide price swings and almost no product standardization.



LandscapeHub changed all that by offering landscaping industry professionals unprecedented access to wholesalers. This benefited wholesalers, who gained more access to customers, and landscapers, who were able to shop around more efficiently.


LandscapeHub quickly became the one-stop-shop in the landscaping industry and an essential component of many landscape company’s job-estimating strategies. 

LandscapeHub and LandOne: A Dream Team

When we integrated LandscapeHub with LandOne Takeoff, we unlocked a powerful tool for green industry professionals. Job estimates can now be made on-site, in real-time. Product costs, measurements, and labor costs are now integrated into the estimating process, and what used to take hours can now be done in minutes.


Beyond that, we’ve simplified the order processes by developing access to a product list that reflects real-world changes in cost and availability. From there, our customers can make purchases from LandscapeHub as soon as the job is approved. 


For contractors, this partnership simplifies the process of bidding, estimating, and planning a job. Those papers that used to be spread all across your desk are all organized digitally and contained in a single, easy-to-read program, right there on your laptop or tablet.


You don’t have to shop around, don’t have to worry about whether you’re getting the best price for the best material. With LandOne and LandscapeHub, you’ll know in real-time.


We believe that we’ve built the strongest, best takeoff software there is, and we couldn’t have done it without our partners at LandscapeHub. 


So cheers to them for a great year, and here’s to many more to come!

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