Why Bidding for Landscape Maintenance is Easier than You Think


Bidding for landscape maintenance just got so much easier!

All landscape professionals know bidding for landscape maintenance can be a real drag. Getting to know your client’s needs, making accurate estimates, and securing a contract requires time and effort. Luckily, LandOne Takeoff software offers the industry the landscape bidding software we need and deserve—and makes it all a lot easier.

With a smooth and streamlined digital process, you can confidently bid landscape maintenance jobs much more efficiently. Keep reading to learn more.

Want to see how landscape bidding software can make your life easier? Go ahead and start a free trial to get those bids going. 

Beware of bidding hurdles 

You’ve got your foot in the door, and now it’s time to bid a new landscape maintenance project. You know your client will be happy with a gorgeously-maintained property they don’t have to worry about, and you know you’re the one for the job.

But before they sign the dotted line, you have to convince them that you’re the right fit for the job—and you have to outbid the competition.

It’s critical to accurately price the job by taking into consideration the specific needs of the property and what will be required to maintain it. You’ll need an accurate sense of the labor hours, materials, and any associated costs it will take to do the landscape maintenance job. 

Then you have to think about your business and how much you should charge to make a profit. 

The client won’t be happy with an expensive proposal, but if you underbid you’ll lose money. 

Plus, landscape maintenance jobs can evolve with the seasons, adding another level of complication and increasing the risk of something getting lost in the paperwork.

Sure, you know how to navigate these steps, do the measurements and estimate accurately, and enter it all into your spreadsheet one column at a time. But with all these steps, there’s a lot of room for error and miscalculation. Plus, with all the time that goes into preparation, it ends up costing you to get the bid together. 

But what if you had software that made it all easier, and made the bidding process more affordable for you?

Streamline your landscape maintenance bidding process

LandOne Takeoff is designed by landscaping professionals, for landscaping professionals, to take the stress out of the process. It’s not just about being faster. It’s about meeting your needs so you can effectively and efficiently get the job, and then get the job done.

How does LandOne Takeoff streamline the bidding process? By putting all the tools you need in one place. You’ll find:

  •  robust design tools
  •  professional visuals
  • customization features
  • organizational tools like cloud storage
  • markup features

All easy to use and at your fingertips. 

Using software like LandOne shows that you are on top of the technology, making your professionalism stand out and easing your communication with clients. Learn more on our YouTube channel, where we walk you through how to use LandOne Takeoff and explore its amazing features.

Ready for powerful bidding and design software for your landscaping business? Get a free trial of LandOne Takeoff today and say hello to an easier process ahead.

Photo by Marta Filipczyk on Unsplash

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