3 Elements of a Powerful Augmented Reality Landscape Design App


Augmented reality landscape design app — The future is here.

There’s a lot that goes into building a landscape business — like, A LOT. It’s one of the most challenging industries of today. But we have to be honest: it’s also one of the most profitable.

People aren’t going to stop wanting to make their properties beautiful. In fact, the standards are getting higher every year.

And with those higher standards, customers are expecting an enhanced customer service experience, as well. Smarter, more efficient, more effective, and more impactful collaborations with landscape professionals.

And you, as a landscape professional, have to keep up with that.

We understand that at the accelerated pace that technology is evolving nowadays, keeping up with it can get overwhelming.

But if you reframe that to serve you, here’s how it sounds: you get to use technology to your and your business’s advantage, making your life and work easier, and your success greater.

And an intuitive, easy-to-use, robust augmented reality landscape design app will empower you to do just that.

Ready to stop wasting time on complicated apps that don’t help you win projects and make customers happy? Yeah, we get it, we’re landscape professionals at the core. That’s why we created the app WE NEEDED to work smarter, not harder. Get a free trial to try it out!

The 3 elements of a powerful augmented reality landscape design app


When you bid for a project, you want to have the best chances to win. That can’t happen if you spend more energy learning how to use an augmented reality landscape design app than on actually coming up with ideas for design and executing on them.

An augmented reality landscape design app has to give you all the tools you need to work efficiently and effectively, not only making you happy in the process but your customers as well.


Presenting a well-thought-out project and showcasing your design using an augmented reality landscape design app shows professionalism and the fact that you’re invested in the project.

You’re not just someone that’s trying to get a gig, but a serious business owner and landscape professional that’s trying to serve their customer.

Of course, that also depends on your design ideas and the project requirements, but having an augmented reality design app that has intuitive, easy-to-use features and a done-for-you library will definitely help.


Complicated workflows, inaccurate measurements, outdated information, lack of clarity and transparency…

All of these sound like a recipe for losing a project.

That’s why your augmented reality design app should offer streamlined workflows, ease of use, and quick-to-learn specs.

Also, let’s not forget the importance of cloud-based software. Having real-time access to everything you need and being able to save and control the changes you make on the spot, and ultimately share your work with those interested, is an essential opportunity for everyone that wants to succeed in this industry today.

We’re landscape professionals passionate about landscape design

We started Land One Takeoff because we saw the needs in our industry. We wanted to take our business to the next level but we lacked the tools and technology to do so. Now that this tool exists, we want everyone to know how much it can help to improve your work. Check out our  YouTube channel where we walk you through how to use Land One Takeoff to create amazing, impactful designs that win the project. 

Start working smarter today with LandOne Takeoff. Download a free trial and see what a smart, intuitive augmented reality landscape design app can empower you to do.

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