Aspire Software Acquires LandOne

Have you heard the saying ‘If you want to go fast, go alone, but if you want to go far, go together?’ It’s one of our favorites here at LandOne Software. It’s why we spent so much of our time and resources putting together a strong, incredible, and capable team.


Well, that team is about to get stronger because LandOne and another online property measurement tool, Go iLawn, have entered agreements to be acquired by Aspire Software, a ServiceTitan Company. 


Aspire Software is a newly acquired member of the ServiceTitan company that provides business management software for landscaping companies. Their suite of products helps manage landscaping tasks as well as snow and ice removal and construction. These products have helped LandOne and other companies be successful in a fast-paced business environment. 


While Aspire Software has powered operations on the business end, the execution of services (developing plans, estimating jobs, tracking inventory, etc.) has fallen to LandOne, the incredible product we’ve built our company around since LandOne Software was founded in 2017. 


Aspire recognizes the strides we’ve made at LandOne Software and we’ve entered a definitive agreement to be acquired along with one of our friends, Go iLawn. 


This move is going to leverage the considerable strengths of these product offerings to improve services across the spectrum, from the back office to the job site. Combining services under one roof will allow us to rapidly expand our product and scale our mission to serve contractors by giving them the simple tools they need to quickly deliver accurate bids, proposals, and designs.

What This Means for Customers

Whether you’re a customer using LandOne or Go iLawn, you probably won’t notice a change in the short term. Both companies are going to continue to offer our incredible services and top-notch support as stand-alone products. The only difference is that we’ll have the support of Aspire Software and its parent company, ServiceTitan. Their backing positions us even more strongly to continue to provide excellent products and services. 


In the future, it means shiny new toys. Efforts are already underway to integrate the LandOne and Aspire Software products. We’re going to integrate them to enable clear, precise communication between estimating and production. So the products and software you already use are going to keep getting better and adding functionality. 


Improving our product and developing new features and applications with third-party systems is nothing new for us at LandOne. Now, with the investment and commitment of Aspire Software behind us, this is going to be more effective than ever. 

Improved R&D, Improved Services

We touched on this above, but the R&D element of combining these companies can’t be overstated. While we will always work to improve existing products, combining LandOne with Aspire and Go iLawn will allow us to invest significantly in research and development. Not only will this affect existing products, but it will also allow us to develop brand new technologies, all designed to make your life in the landscaping business easier and allow your company to gain an edge and grow. 

What Does This Mean for Aspire Customers

When mergers like this happen, customers sometimes wonder whether the focus on integrating new technology will affect the performance or updates of core services. To that, the answer is a resounding no! Aspire is committed to providing the same service and level of performance for all of our software services. 


While users will see updates that improve capabilities and offer integrations with LandOne and Go iLawn, the Aspire Core will always remain a top priority. 

A Different Software to Lead the Pack

There’s a reason ServiceTitan chose LandOne and Go iLawn. It is the same reason they chose to back Aspire Software. There are simply no better landscape design and online measurement tools on the market. Period. 


At LandOne, we are so proud of what we’ve been able to achieve. We bootstrapped our way and developed software that led landscape takeoff and enhancement design. We are more than excited about launching this next chapter, and we can’t wait to see what happens when the landscape software Avengers assemble!


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