The next generation of LandOne
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PropertyIntel for Landscape Contractors

How would you describe your bid and estimating process?

We believe knowing your costs doesn’t have to be complicated.


We have evolved LandOne into PropertyIntel, an Aspire solution, to make your bidding and estimating process faster and easier than ever before.

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    “Before PropertyIntel, I could put together a $100,000 project that used to take me 3 hours of design time and another 2 hours of takeoff and estimating, whereas now, I’m spending an hour to do all of it.”

    –– Chad Currie, President, CLC Landscaping LLC

Collect, Connect, and Visualize

Collect, Connect, and Visualize

Three ways PropertyIntel is changing the game for good

Plan Takeoff
Estimate quickly and accurately

Precision measuring tools

Hi-res aerial imagery from three sources and PDF uploads

Automated time, material, and cost estimates

Bid and win more work

Accurate, competitive estimates and takeoff data

Visual, interactive sitemaps to share with stakeholders

Done-for-you measurements with PropertyIntel Complete

Identify more opportunities

Direct Aspire integration to automatically sync your property and customer data

Real-time data insights

Penetration rate reports (coming soon)